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Prevention tips on roads when there is snowfall

Now more than ever we have to be very careful on the roads with this bad weather that is doing these last few days, as we have recently seen cases of vehicles trapped. Take care and follow Prevention tips on roads.

Snowfall Prevention tips on Roads

precaución carretera nieve

We have to be very aware of the weather, and to always carry the car to the point, because driving in bad weather can become a real trap if we are not careful. That’s why prevention is vital in this type of case, because we never know what might happen to us or what situation we might find ourselves in, so we’re going to give you some practical advice to prevent it or, if it does, know what to do.

Plan your trip

Before setting off we advise you to look at the weather forecast to know what weather you are going to find during your journey. We recommend that you use the DGT twitter or motorway channels to find out the state of the roads so that you can look for alternative routes in the event that you find yourself trapped. It is always better to choose main routes or motorways than unknown roads, as the main ones are usually more prepared and in better condition.

Always carry your insurance in force

Always make sure before embarking on a trip that we have all the papers in order. In case of breakdown and assistance on the road not to carry the insurance in force this would not cover you the displacement.

Avoid driving at night

Whenever you can, plan your trip during the day, when there is more light because at night it is more difficult to detect dangers on the road.

Prepare your vehicle for the cold

You must take into account that you must always calculate the effects of the low temperatures that it means for your vehicle. This is very important to prepare it and take care of it for the winter. Check your vehicle’s heating, battery, tyre pressure, lights and brakes carefully. Also, don’t forget to put antifreeze in the radiator and windscreen washer reservoir. And very importantly, always wear a reflective vest and warning triangles.

Always wear chains and gloves

You never know when you’re going to encounter snow. The weather is very unpredictable and sometimes surprises us when we least expect it. If we find ourselves in this situation, we must park the car on the right side of the road to place the chains and not hinder the circulation, and do not forget to always place them on the drive wheels. If you do not know very well how to do it, inform yourself and practice before starting your trip.

Prevention tips on roads: Reduce speed and avoid sudden braking

It is important to keep this in mind because if you encounter ice and snow on the road the first thing you should do is slow down and use the high gears, never abruptly to avoid skating.

Prevention tips on roads: Start the journey with a full fuel tank and a charged mobile phone.

This will allow you to ask for emergency help in any of the cases mentioned above.

Fog and dipped headlights

Always keep your dipped headlights and fog lights on, so you can always warn other vehicles that you are on the road.

Never leave the vehicle

It’s very dangerous and risky for you to leave the vehicle in the middle of the road, so if you can’t continue your journey because of a breakdown or the road, we recommend that you always stop in a service area where you can protect yourself from the storm, ask for help, from an SOS post, to 112 or to the motorway operations centre.

Prevention tips on roads: Stay calm behind the wheel

When you find yourself in an unforeseen or risky situation, your greatest ally will be to remain calm, as this can help you avoid an accident. Drive calmly and inform in real time the warnings of the highway about speed limits or incidents.

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