Special transports

In Transvolando we transport your cargo whatever it may be, we are specialists in special transports , those who, due to their characteristics, need a personalized service.

Special transport service

Our special transport service is a specialised service for the transport of goods by road. In Transvolando we transport your cargo whatever it may be.

According to the necessity of the load, we adapt ourselves using the type of specialized vehicle more adapted to load it and to transport it, so much to national as international level.

transportes especiales

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Request a personalized and completely free quote. In Transvolando we make it easy for you to transport your cargo as easy and comfortable as possible.

Adapted vehicles and equipment

We have a fleet with different vehicles and specialized equipment to be able to carry out any type of special transport that our client may need:

vehículos epseciales para transporte


For the transport of heavy machinery, agricultural machinery, public works, etc. The best option when the load exceeds the usual dimensions. Front, side and rear loading gondolas.


Hydraulic platform

Platform used for transports that require a lateral load such as steel plates or rolls, boilers, large volume boxes and flat, which can be covered with canvas or open.



Crane to facilitate the movement and loading of goods. Depending on the specific characteristics of the load to be transported, trucks with a built-in crane or independent cranes can be used to facilitate loading and unloading.


Extendable semi-trailer

Ideal for longer loads. Adaptable in terms of extension and useful surface for carrying loads with longer lengths than usual.


Roll holder

Trailers adapted to facilitate the specific transport of large and heavy reels. It is a specialized vehicle for the transport of coils.

transportes especiales nacionales internacionales

National and international level

We provide national service throughout Spain

We have the necessary and sufficient means to offer a quality service for special transports throughout the national territory, guaranteeing that the goods will arrive at their destination in optimum conditions. We can reach any region of the peninsula, as we have the necessary infrastructure to ensure a capillary service to any Spanish city or municipality.

We also work all over Europe

We also have the necessary permits to transport special loads throughout the European territory, in compliance with the guidelines set by the ADR both in vehicles and in the personnel who perform them.

Authorizations for Special Shipments

In Transvolando we offer a serious and professional service that will take care of your merchandise so that it arrives in perfect conditions to its destiny, and fulfilling scrupulously the necessary norms that establishes the law to be able to circulate by conventional road, highway or highway with this type of merchandise.

For special transports, we have the necessary authorizations according to the law:

Generic Authorization

That allows us to circulate without exceeding the following limits:

  • The set with its load measures a maximum of 20.55 meters long x 3 meters wide x 4.5 meters high.
  • The weight of the assembly with its maximum load is 45 tons.
autorización genérica transportes especiales
autorización específica transportes especiales

Specific Authorization

That enables us to carry out the transports that do not exceed the following limits:

  • The set with its load measures a maximum of 40 meters long x 5 meters wide x 4.7 meters high.
  • The weight of the assembly with its maximum load is 110 tons.

Exceptional Authorization

When the transport to be carried out exceeds the limits established for generic and specific authorisations, we are able to process exceptional authorisations in accordance with current legislation.

autorización excepcional de transporte
transporte de vehículos

Itinerary authorization

We process the request to the public administration and competent authority to carry out the transit, indicating the route, from origin to destination, marking the points through which the transport will pass along the entire road network. In compliance with all regulations, we create the most direct route to avoid lengthening the route.

Direct full load

We carry out special transports directly, door to door and with full load, thus achieving a more agile and efficient service for our customers.

mercancías especiales

We transport all kinds of special goods

No matter the dimensions or weight. We can transport any goods that exceed the limits of conventional road freight transport, which is stipulated in the articulated trucks in 16.5 meters long by 2.5 meters wide, as we have the necessary vehicles to carry out a special transport.

    • Boats and components.
    • Boilers and ovens.
    • Coils.
    • Concrete and granite blocks.
    • Agricultural machinery.
    • Public works machinery.
    • Motors for industry.
    • Tanks and special defense vehicles.
    • Train wagons.
    • Tractor heads.
    • Containers.
    • Logs and wood.
    • etc.


In Transvolando we have a commitment to quality, and our philosophy of customer service, has allowed us to establish ourselves as one of the best road transport companies in the entire national territory, also making international transport throughout the European continent.

Special Authorizations

We have the necessary permits to carry out special transports with the greatest security. We comply with all ADR guidelines for European transport.

Merchandise safety

We have the lowest accident rate in the market because we monitor each service closely, ensuring the cargo and making the journey with the utmost care.

Punctual delivery

Our service is the most reliable because we plan the route in advance and guarantee the necessary flow of information between the driver and our head office.

Best price-quality ratio

Complete offer that adds value in relation to the competition. We offer you a courtesy insurance that will cover up to 90,000 € of the transported cargo, and a total of four hours free of charge for loading and unloading work.