Road Freight Transport

At Transvolando, we count on an extensive network of suppliers and European representatives, one that we worked meticulously to establish in order to provide the best possible road freight transport service of high volume goods to our customers. Our complex route design that is periodically re-designed allows our clients to consistently obtain the greatest profitability available for all of their shipment needs.

Specialists in road freight transport

transporte de mercancías por carretera

We are specialists in the road transport of goods.

Transvolando has undergone a continuous process of expansion since the day it was founded, currently possessing our own logistics and storage service strategically located at our headquarters in Madrid.

Our full team of specialists take on the daily responsibility of guaranteeing that our customers’ goods always arrive to their destination in perfect condition and within the period of time stipulated in the contracted service. All of our services are guaranteed.

Road freight transport service

At Transvolando, our road transport services include the transport of all types of merchandise, whatever their characteristics and specific needs may be.

We offer specialized services in:

Transport of merchandise nationwide

International freight transport

Transport of high volume merchandise

Transport of heavy goods

Transport of dangerous goods

Transport of machinery

National transport of consolidation loads

Package transport

Palletized transport

Whatever your cargo may be and wherever you may need to send it, Transvolando offers quality service and the guarantee of working with a company that is composed of qualified professionals and a fleet of fully adaptable and reliable transport vehicles ready to take on the needs required by any type of cargo shipment.

Contact us by filling out our web form or by calling us at (+34) 661 349 061. We would be happy to advise regarding the transport of your cargo. You can also request a quote without any commitment using our 


State-of-the-art ground transportation

Our constant commitment to technology in addition to our wide and varied fleet of state-of-the-art Tauline Mega trucks, which are capable of transporting up to 60 tons in each vehicle, allows us to consistently offer maximum accessibility to our customers in each of the services we carry out.

transporte terrestre última generación

Our comprehensive logistics and transport service makes us the best suited company that you’ll be able to find in the nation that provides the transport of large volume merchandise and all types of heavy machinery in general.

Safe and efficient transport of goods

Our customers are able to request the transport of their goods with of a variety of options at their disposal, ranging from full loads to consolidation load shipments. All of these options are accompanied by the best prices offered in the transport sector and are available both nationally and across Europe.

Our mission: To always offer maximum adaptability, speed, safety and accessibility to all of our customers when transporting their merchandise to any destination within Spain and across Europe.

Professional transporters


Our team possesses extensive experience in the transport sector, which allows us to offer a variety of services and furthermore guarantees excellence in the transport of our customers’ goods.


Customer satisfaction is our main goal. For this reason, we put our utmost hard work and dedication into each of our transports in order to obtain the best results possible in the sector.


Our entire team is made up of professionals from the sector that are knowledgeable and qualified to advise our customers on how to carry out any type of transport request. The fact that we dedicate ourselves exclusively to work within the transport sector allows us to offer high quality, specialized services.

Personal attention

At Transvolando, we believe that each client is unique and has his or her own specific needs. We offer a customer service team that is at your disposal to help you resolve any questions or doubts you may have, in addition to provide you with all the information you need to carry out the successful shipment of your goods.

National freight transport

At Transvolando we transport merchandise by road nationally and internationally. As a national transport company we offer our transport services to any destination in Spain.

transporte mercancías carretera nacional

Thanks to our logistics headquarters in Madrid and our fleet of trucks and vehicles that can adapt to any type of shipment, we are able to transport limitless types of merchandise across the nation, ensuring top notch quality and safety criteria throughout our services and delivery.

Freight transport in Spain

We are dedicated to offering you the security that comes guaranteed from a national company in addition to the capacity to transport and manage an endless variety of goods, ensuring satisfaction in our services and merchandise as well as punctual delivery times. At Transvolando, we transport all types of goods across Spain thanks to our accredited professionals and our fleet of vehicles that are fully adaptable for each and every transport request.

Types of national road transport

We offer a large variety of transport options nationwide for an endless number of goods, including full loads, as well as divided or consolidation loads. We are able to adapt to each client’s specific needs and/or the individual details of regarding merchandise they need to transport.

Spanish highway network

The Spanish highway network connects the entire national territory, offering different routes that our transport professionals utilise depending on the type of cargo being transported. Our knowledgeable use of this interconnected network allows us to ensure that the goods we are transporting always arrive in the best condition and at the right time.

We are dedicated to the transport of freight goods and cargo across Spain.

International freight transport

At Transvolando we believe we are the best option for the distribution and international transport of goods. Having a good distribution service means a potential increase in your company’s sales and can provide an undeniable added value: loyalty from both your customers and distributers.

Specialised equipment for international merchandise transport

At Transvolando we have a large specialized team, in addition to the most sophisticated machinery in the logistics and urgent parcel industry. With a convoy of Tauline Mega trailers and trucks, all of which are able to safely transport high volume goods and any type of heavy machinery, our system has been specially designed to achieve up to 20% savings in logistics costs for our customers.

transporte mercancías internacional

We also have our own correspondents and representatives dispersed across Europe in the capital cities, allowing us to offer a service that boasts comprehensive logistic coverage, maximum security, regular routes and departures, all at an extremely competitive cost.

Due to the different rules and regulations in each country, the transport of international goods is not something that all transport companies can offer as a service. With Transvolando, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you can ship your cargo anywhere you may need within Europe, stress free.

Full and divided merchandise loads

We offer the transport of both full and divided loads and, in addition, as a way to provide greater adaptability to our customers, we also offer the possibility of carrying out express shipments to any destination across Europe.

With Transvolando you will always find the best value for your money available in the international road freight transport sector. We offer a fast, safe, flexible and guaranteed international freight service. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about our company, rates and services. We would be happy to prepare you a custom estimate without any commitment.

If you wish to obtain additional information about our different international transport and express international transport of heavy goods services and rates, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team at Transvolando will be happy to resolve any type of question or doubt you may have related to our services and can provide you with the different rates that are at your full disposal:

Road transport of goods for companies in a globalized world

At Transvolando our main objective is doing the best job we can. We rely on the pillars of passion, dedication, honesty and the duty to provide our clients with the best service possible. In this way, we are able to ensure the loyalty of our customers, because providing a quality service is the basis off all the work we carry out. We are constantly adapting the trend of globalisation, offering road transport services that include both national and international requests. And why should we adapt to this ever-globalising world, you may ask?

mercancías terrestres

Advantages of road transport

  • Expansion of our markets: In this way we are able to work with a wider range of products, obtain more customers and provide transport services to more distant destinations.
  • Reduction of costs: The world is very large and companies are deciding more and more where it’s convenient for them to build international premises and offices.
  • Professionalism: Not all road freight transport companies can offer services within the international market. To do so implies having an extensive index of experience and a superb quality work standard.
  • Modernisation: The application of the most modern techniques allows us to open up our services to new fields of work.

It’s true that the advantages that a company that has adapted to globalization possesses can be very beneficial, but before entering into such a world one must be aware of the risks that they may encounter. These can include logistical and/or cost increases, and once the market has been studied one must know how to approach and overcome each and every the obstacle.

Transvolando possesses all of the characteristics of a large-scale transport company, working far beyond our borders. Choosing our services means you have chosen the best team in the sector.


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