Pallet transport

At Trasvolando, we consider ourselves specialists in the transport of pallets. We understand that a top quality national transport company must offer its clients a wide variety of comforts and services, and for this reason we possess a large fleet of trucks that are prepared to transport pallets and other types of cargo across the nation.

We are agile, high-energy workers who are motivated by the idea that offering the best service possible is a crucial element needed to gain our customers’ trust, and ensure that our clients count on our company for all their shipping needs.

At Transvolando, we take care of palletizing your loads and delivering them to their final destination in a span of 48 hours. In order to do this we count on a team of highly experienced carriers who guarantee the best treatment of your merchandise while they prepare it for its journey and ensure its delivery in perfect condition.


What is the pallet transport?

Pallet transport is a type of transport that generally encompasses both consolidation load transport and express transport. One of the main characteristics of pallet transport is that it is always transported by road.

Another one of the main requirements for this type of transport is that the delivery of the palletized material is to be carried out in a time period between 24 and 48 hours.

Sometimes when loads are collected they are already prepared and ready to ship on their pallets, yet in other cases it’s the transport company’s responsibility to palletize the merchandise themselves.


Characteristics of pallet transport

Transporte palets

As mentioned above, some of the main elements that define this service include packaging characteristics, how loads are managed on a logistical level, and fast-paced delivery. Customers can request 24 hour express delivery services at an additional fee, or contract the standard 48 hour delivery service. That being said, considering the short delivery period involved in general, both service options can be considered express services.

Transvolando controls the location and status of your cargo at all times. On a national level we are able to control your merchandise’s exact location throughout its journey, in addition to being aware of any incidents on the road that may cause delays, or if a truck has suffered any damage. Our monitoring system allows us to have follow-up through the use of mobile devices. At Transvolando, it’s of utmost importance that each and every shipment reaches its destination on time and in perfect condition. For this reason we dedicate all the necessary means to avoid incidents or losses.

The trucks that we use for this type of transport have lateral openings. In this way, several operators are able to work at the same time, which consequentially saves a lot of time and is crucial in providing a fast delivery service. In some circumstances trucks with back door access are used, but this is not usually advisable because they hinder the loading and unloading of pallets onto the truck.


Trust in Transvolando

For us, the most important thing is our clients’ peace of mind and that they can be sure that their cargo is in the hands of a company that is committed to quality. Satisfying our customers is our main objective.

After many years of work in the transport sector we have gained ample experience, all of which helps us each day to be more and more effective workers throughout the entire shipment process. This efficient service begins at cargo pickup and continues throughout its journey up until its final delivery.

We are transport specialists and our entire team has the training and know-how to carry out their tasks in an efficient and productive manner. We are dedicated to our work in the transport sector, making it a sector we dominate with precision.

We offer a personalized service to our clients, so if you have any special transport requests fell free to contact us. We are happy to adjust our services to meet your needs. We understand that not all cargo is the same and for that reason not all cargo shipping requirements are the same.


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