National consolidation load transport

National consolidation load transport is one of our most demanded services due to its low, economical cost. Clients often approach us with different questions about this service. What is consolidation load transport? How is it different from other transport services? What kind of cargo be transferred in this way?

National consolidation load transport: A more economical transport service

Consolidation load transport (consolidated shipment) is used when companies don’t have enough products to fill an entire transport vehicle. Transport companies, therefore, combine merchandise from different companies until the entire trailer is full. The different merchandise is then delivered to the varying locations across the nation. In these situations, broad delivery schedules are agreed upon without settling upon a fixed delivery date due unpredictability of the variety of companies’ products being delivered to different locations across the country. Despite the lack of a fixed delivery date, products are always delivered within estimated delivery period.

This system of shared merchandise shipping is widely used on a national level because it allows companies to save on logistics and offer more competitive prices to their customers. A variety of different types of merchandise can be transported on pallets ranging from fruits and vegetables, to pipes, machinery and metal sheets. The national transport consolidation loads, also called consolidated shipment, differs from parcel or merchandise shipment requiring storage because this step is not included in the consolidated shipping process. Products in consolidation loads travel in the same truck throughout the shipping process, thus avoiding any manipulations or damages that may occur.

If what you are looking for is a consolidated shipment transport company, Transvolando is here to serve your every need. We offer consolidation load transport by shipping and delivering your merchandise to your required destination. Our company boasts ample and extensive experience in the sector providing this service. Our goal is always to provide you with quality service and a variety of options to choose from. This ranges from the transport of high volume goods to the shipment of parcels with international transportation destinations. Our headquarters are located in Madrid. If you would like to reach us you can call us at 661 349 061, send us an email at or fill out our online form. We are happy to offer you an estimate for the services that best suit your particular needs.


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