Large volume transport

The large-volume transport consists of the transport of bulky goods, i.e. goods that are bulky (and usually weigh little). In Transvolando we are specialized in this type of transport. With our fleet of trucks Tautliner Mega, we transport large volume goods as diverse as insulation, plasterboard, paper, cork, straw, trees, wood and we have even collaborated in removals.

Large volume transport service

In Transvolando we offer our service of transport of loads of great volume, special for transport of voluminous loads, which allows our clients a saving in the cost of the transport by unit.

Our service of transport of voluminous loads includes from the loads of great size and weight, set of voluminous loads or loads of great volume and little weight.

Contact us through our web form or by calling (+34) 661 349 061 indicating the dimensions of the load and its characteristics and our technician will advise you and provide a quote without commitment.

Transporte troncos gran volumen

Specialists in the transport of large loads

It is common in this type of transport that the loads are very large and bulky but do not weigh excessively. In many cases these goods are raw materials and must be moved very effectively and with great care from the point of extraction to the industrial areas, whether for example, the case of moving trees to get wood or straw, a poor attachment of it can create risk on the road.

Frequent loads

  • Trees and large pieces of vegetation.
  • Parts for machinery or construction, etc.
  • Industrial vehicles, special transports, etc.
  • Raw materials.
    Materials such as tarpaulins, plastics, tubes, etc.
  • Sets of loads.

Transport security

It is the road transport is most exposed to having some kind of accident due to weather conditions, the state of the vehicle, the attention of the driver or unexpected road. One of these surprises at the wheel may be the possible instability of the load due to a poor grip, broken wheels, detached rocks, spillage of fuel or liquid released by refrigerated cargo vehicles. For this reason, it is always important to have professionals specialized in road transport when moving your high volume loads.

Transporte sacos gran volumen

In addition, as mentioned above, weather causes are very important to consider, especially strong side wind gusts in truck driving. This weather characteristic is not usually signposted, so in times of strong gusts must moderate speed, hold the steering wheel firmly and compensate for the thrust of the wind by making slight turns of the steering wheel to maintain the correct direction of the vehicle.  Because of all these unforeseen events, the best allies for large volume transport are always foresight and anticipation at the wheel.

Other services

We also offer full load and groupage transport services (combined load), both nationally and internationally. This is always beneficial for our customers because it gives them the option to share expenses without having to give up anything. We collect your material, transport it and deliver it to the agreed destination.

In Transvolando, we have years of experience, our team of transporters is sufficiently qualified to carry out a safe driving. We guarantee that the large volume transport you decide to carry with our company will always be in the best hands, always guaranteeing the best service. If you need us we will be delighted to make you a budget to the measure that you need.

You can call ☎ 661 349 061 or fill in our contact form. Browse through our page and see all the services we can offer.


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