Transvolando is a company of reference among other international transport companies in its sector

Are you looking for an international road transport company that offers accessible, top-quality service for the shipment of your heavy machinery outside of Spain?

Transvolando International Transport

At Transvolando, we count on an extensive international road merchandise supply network along with a wide-ranging logistics chain that allows us to offer the greatest possible rates to all our customers. We also provide express shipping services. In addition, all of the shipments services offered by our international transport companies are duly guaranteed.

Transporte internacional mercancías

Our large team of qualified and experienced workers will ensure that your merchandise always arrives to its destination punctually and in perfect condition. We possess a large fleet of the latest generation Tauline Mega trucks, specially designed for the transport of machinery and high volume merchandise. With a capacity to hold up to 60 tons, these trucks allow a high level of manoeuvrability when it comes to handling, in addition to low fuel consumption.

Take advantage of all of the road transport advantages, such as accessibility, that Transvolando has to offer. We are a company you can truly trust in.

Road freight transport offers many benefits to the industry and commerce sectors, such as rapid growth due to the efficient and economical distribution companies within the sector’s products and merchandise. At Transvolando, you will find the perfect logistics partner to carry out the distribution of all types of heavy cargo:

If you would like to receive additional information about our different international transport and express international services and rates for the transport of heavy goods, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We at Transvolando, your international transport company, are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and the different rates we offer:


  • Transvolando National Transport: (+34) 661 349 061
  • Transvolando International Transport: (+34) 661 349 060
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+34 661 349 060
+34 661 349 061


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