Transport of heavy loads

Our company specializes in the transport of heavy loads, such as coils, stones, granite blocks, and materials that in general have a high concentrated weight in a small area. These types of loads have specific characteristics that must be taken into account when being transported, since traditional vehicles can’t be used because when exerting force on a specific point the load could provoke damage to the vehicle and could also cause accidents with harmful results for both the materials and handlers involved.

Heavy load road transport service

At Transvolando, we offer quality service guaranteeing the safety of your cargo and meeting the technical criteria required for your goods to arrive in perfect condition and always on time:

The highest guaranteed service for the transport of heavy loads

  • Use of the necessary equipment for handling and transport.
  • Trained and qualified personnel to carry out the work of loading, transport and unloading.
  • Scrupulous monitoring of safety regulations and recommendations for this type of transport.
  • Efficient driving to avoid damage and imperfections to the merchandise.
  • Specialised, always up to date vehicles.

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Determining factors for the transport of heavy loads

When considering the transport of heavy loads, we must always take into account that a specific service such as this one, with its particular characteristics and complicated nature, requires us to make great efforts to guarantee safety at all times. This includes the safety of the loading and unloading process, the integrity of vehicle that is used to transport the heavy goods, as well as the safety of the carriers who will perform the handling and delivery.

We must also remember the fact that an accident on the road due to the loss of a heavy load can not only cause damage to the infrastructure of the road and to the vehicle itself, but can also increase the accident rate, which in turn compromises the safety of the rest of the drivers on the road and can even cause human loss or injury.

For this reason, all of the conditions used to determine how to carry out this type of transport must be studied and taken into account.

Adaptable transport vehicles

For the transport of heavy loads, conventional vehicles cannot be used because the weight of the load is too much for the truck’s axel to support and would therefore cause significant damage to the vehicle. Specific trailers, such as bobbin trailers, are needed, which count on reinforcement in the central area of the trailer. Different trailer options exist depending on the weight of the load being transported, and for this reason the cargo’s weight is a crucial a determining factor when it comes to choosing one trailer over another.

Qualified staff

Given the inherent risk involved in this type of transport, it’s crucial that the personnel and operators carrying out this service are completely experience and qualified to handle such cargo and are additionally well versed in the safety conditions that must be applied in order to avoid material or human accidents.

Positioning the load on the trailer

The location of the load inside the vehicle has a direct influence on the driver’s reaction ability if there is an unexpected emergency situation that occurs during transport. Due to this, it is vitally important that heavy goods are arranged properly inside the trailer, in order to avoid destabilisation and/or suffering a fall, which could cause an accident during the journey.
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Heavy load handling

Being that this kind of service involves a very specific type of merchandise with an extremely heavy amount of weight concentrated in a small area, cranes and other specific equipment are needed to carry out the loading and unloading of the material. This machinery is used in order to create the optimal safety conditions, and helps avoid problems that may occur during the shipment process that could cause a delay in the delivery or cause damage to the goods being transported.

Securing and fastening heavy loads

Making sure a load is correctly secured inside its trailer is of utmost importance, because this helps prevent displacement during the driving process. Anchors, wedges and other fastening elements must be correctly secured and checked before departure as well as at periodically throughout the shipping process as a way to check for signs of destabilization during the cargo’s journey.


Our industrial reel transport trailers have the proper reinforcement capacity needed in order to guarantee the safe transport of heavy loads.

Avoiding load displacements

During the transport of heavy loads different circumstances may occur that can directly affect your load and cause displacement:

  • When the transport vehicle accelerates or climbs a slope
  • When the transport vehicle brakes or descends a slope
  • When the transport vehicle goes around a curve

The drivers and support staff at Transvolando are trained to carry out this type of transport and always pay special attention while driving in order to avoid any cargo displacement that may be caused by the conditions of the route being followed.

Wedges for the transport of reels and heavy loads

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By placing wedges in the base of the trailer we are able to ensure the load’s integrity and minimize any risks of displacement or falling because:

  • Wedges provide the vehicle with greater stability, and improve manoeuvres by lowering the load’s centre of gravity
  • In the case of the transport of reels, wedges help reduce the risk of the reel turning on its own axis and consequentially prevent any displacement of the reel.
  • Wedges help create better integration between the transport vehicle’s platform and the cargo.


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