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At Transvolando, our company is invested in offering the best express road transport service in the sector.

Express road transport

Transporte urgente carretera

Characteristics of our express transport services

National scope

Our express road transport service includes all of peninsular Spain, but does not include the Canary and Balearic Islands. We have a strong infrastructure that guarantees reliable transportation across the nation. In situations that require collaboration, we also work with third-party collaborators of utmost confidence.

Full load

We perform full load transport services, shipping merchandise from their pick-up point directly to its destination. This direct full load shipment service allows us to guarantee execution in a reduced period of time.

Without intermediate storage

Your merchandise will only be minimally disturbed during its handling while being loaded and unloaded. This is because once collected at its place of origin, your merchandise is taken directly to our warehouse where it is to loaded onto the truck that will be used for its shipment. We guarantee your merchandise’s integrity and traceability of the shipment throughout its journey.

Free 2 hours of loading and 2 hours of unloading

Our price is lower than others because included in our service, totally free of charge, are four hours of loading and unloading. Depending on the characteristics of the merchandise being transported, and taking into account the accessibility in the places of origin and destination, we are able to evaluate the total number of hours that are be needed to perform these tasks. If we estimate that the final service is going to require more than 2 hours of loading and unloading, we will confirm the final price in our detailed estimate.

Courtesy insurance

We believe that it’s not only important to deliver your cargo by the agreed deadline, but also to guarantee your merchandise’s safety and deliver it in perfect condition. For all the express road transport services we offer a courtesy insurance that covers up to € 90,000 value of the cargo being transported. In order to process this insurance, we ask our clients to make a declaration of value for the merchandise being transported. Once received, this agreement is verified to confirm that everything is in order.

Permissions for special merchandise

We possess the necessary permits for the transport of special cargo, all of which are in accordance with the regulations governing this type of service.


We offer our express transport services for endless types of merchandise:

Express pallet transport

We specialise in the express transport of palletized merchandise. We have a network of collaborators that allow us to ensure connectivity in our distribution process, covering the entire peninsular territory. We count on information systems to provide us with a more reliable and efficient operation, guaranteeing the urgent transport of pallets in less than 24 hours. Depending on the collection and delivery points, we will inform you specifically about your shipment’s delivery time.

Express transport of heavy loads

We have vehicles that have been adapted for the transport heavy goods, such as coils, stones, granite blocks, etc. Thanks to our industrial reel trailers, we can properly distribute loads inside our vehicles. Our trailers have a cradle in the central area and axle reinforcement that help the trailer resist the weight of each load. To avoid displacement during each journey, we fasten every load with elements such as supports and anchors.

High volume express transport

Special permits are required for the transportation of bulky merchandise. Depending on the type of merchandise, one permit or another is required. Get in touch with us so we can inform you about the specific permit that you will need.

Express transport of construction, agricultural and industrial machinery

We specialize in the transport of light and heavy machinery for construction and public works. This includes excavators, tunnel boring machines, and so on. We also transport all types of agricultural machinery, such as harvesters, seeders, tractors, and so on. We also offer transport services for industrial vehicles, trailers, tractors, and more.


Our trajectory and experience in the sector, combined with our clients’ satisfaction, has allowed us to become as one of the most valued express road transport companies in the sector.

Punctuality: Express door-to-door transportation.

We understand that the delivery of goods within the agreed period of time is essential for our customers when they request express transport service.

We offer maximum guarantees:

100% on-time deliveries

To achieve this goal, we work with an integrated management system that allows us to:

  • coordinate available vehicles and drivers
  • plan alternative routes when traffic is detected on main roads
  • carry out loading and unloading in record time

Security: Your merchandise arrives in perfect condition

We guarantee that your merchandise will arrive at its destination in perfect condition, without any damage or imperfections. We also insure your merchandise with a value of up to € 90,000, to cover any possible incidents (courtesy insurance).

Flexibility: We adapt to your needs

Depending on the type of specific type of shipment you need to make, we adjust our services to meet your requirements, in terms of time, type of merchandise and additional services that may be required.

Traceability: Monitoring the expedition

Our information system guarantees the location and tracking of your shipment at all times and in real time. We apply the necessary protocols in order to ensure that the flow of information is complete.

Economical: The best value for your money

We are able to offer very competitive prices because we include the first 2 hours of loading and 2 hours of unloading free of charge, in addition to courtesy insurance that secures your goods for up to € 90,000.


In order to prepare an estimate that meets your needs, we kindly ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • Type of merchandise being transported
  • Total number of parcels, packages or pallets
  • Total dimensions of the merchandise: width x length x height
  • Total weight
  • How should the loading and unloading be carried out and does it require specific care?
  • Pick-up and drop-off addresses
  • When the merchandise needs to be collected as well as its delivery deadline


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