Air cargo transport

Our air cargo transport service is safe, fast and professional, and is carried out by specialized personnel, and through the use of machinery and transport means that guarantee our customers the best, most efficient shipment of their merchandise.

Our air cargo transport service

We are a serious company that is committed to transparency regarding each of the solutions that we offer in our air cargo transport service. The goal of our team is to meet the specific needs of each client, and for this reason we offer maximum flexibility and customization in all of our merchandise shipments.

We at Transvolando dedicate all of our dedication and effort to the work carry out day after day. We strive to work in an impeccable and efficient way, because we are not just any, run of the mill transport company. At Transvolando we go even further beyond the limits, as we successfully take on any new challenge that is presented to us. We do this as a way to offer our customers a unique and unprecedented air cargo transport service.

Servicio cargas aéreas

What does it consist of?

Our air cargo transport service is available for all types of merchandise. That being said, it’s an ideal option for special types of merchandise that require specific transport conditions, such as heavy or bulky loads, among others.

The team at Transvolando is responsible for organizing, planning and preparing the transport of air cargo with great agility and responsibility, confirming that at all times the packages are in perfect condition and that all the necessary safety standards are met.

We make shipments to whatever destinations our clients may require. Your merchandise will travel safely in our hands and reach its destination and quickly as possible.

Advantages of using our air cargo transport services

We have created an accessible service for all our customers, composed of the best solutions in air cargo transport, and that offer numerous advantages.



If time is an important factor for you, our air cargo transport service is the ideal option. We assure you maximum speed and guarantee that your goods will always arrive on time.


We transport our customers’ merchandise using the best and shortest transport routes, avoiding delays and ensuring the safe arrival of your cargo to its destination


We make sure that your cargo travels safely and reaches its destination in perfect condition. We adapt to the needs and specific characteristics of each shipping request.
Ask for your estimate without any obligation!

Ask for your estimate without any obligation!

At Transvolando we will prepare a custom estimate for you without any obligation. All you have to do is inform us of the collection and delivery dates, the pick-up and drop-off locations, and other general data regarding the goods being transported. It’s easy, fast and comfortable!

We specialise in air transport

Especialistas transporte cargas aereas

At Transvolando we specialize in air cargo transport, providing our customers with a broad set of solutions that are customizable for each shipment. We also ensure with certainty that our solutions are of the highest quality and are carried out with complete efficiency.

We work hard to offer the best air cargo transport service on the market, and our experience allows us to improve with each shipment. As a professional and competent transport company, we are constantly advancing and reinventing ourselves in order to provide our customers with the best solutions that meet their needs.

We offer maximum safety and reliability in our shipments

We prioritize security at all times throughout our air cargo transport services. We consider security to be an essential element in order to maintain our clients trust, knowing that their goods are travelling under demanding safety standards and with the help of an expert team of professionals.

Delivery of the merchandise that our customers have entrusted in us is always on time, which is an aspect that makes our clients value us as a serious and committed company with each shipping service we perform.


Specialised Team

We have a team of experts in the air cargo sector. They are professionals who, through their training and professional careers, have acquired the precise knowledge and the specific skills needed for the shipping and handling of special machinery and other types of air cargo.

Quality solutions

The quality of our solutions for air cargo transport is one of the aspects that make our company a guaranteed bet.

At Transvolando we offer global coverage, with each client’s merchandise travelling across the globe thanks to a specially designed solution for their specific needs.

Calidad transporte cargas aéreas


Delivery times for shipments that travel using our air cargo transport service are reduced, making it a perfect option for those customers who need to make a shipment with extreme urgency. This factor can also be combined with the added need for the transport of special goods such as high volume cargo, in addition to bulky and/or very heavy goods. Request more information now without any obligation.



We believe shipment traceability during the transport of air cargo is of the utmost importance. For this reason, so that we are always able to immediately locate our customers’ merchandise, confirm its perfect condition and make sure it is en route to its destination. With all this information gathered, we are able to inform our clients about the status of their shipment, transmitting confidence and tranquillity throughout the service.

Request a quote for our air cargo transport services

Get in touch with our team to request an estimate regarding our air cargo transport services. To receive more information, please send us the following information and we will be happy to prepare you a custom estimate that adjusts to your needs, as soon as possible:


  • Contact information: name, company, telephone and e-mail address
  • Type of merchandise to be shipped
  • Approximate quantity and dimensions of cargo
  • Shipment delivery deadline

Shipping Methods

  • Local transport
  • National transport
  • International transport
  • Full loads
  • Split loads
  • Express
  • Dangerous goods
  • Special goods

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