Parcel transport

Our experience and entrepreneurial trajectory in the road transport sector has allowed us to offer our customers an industrial parcel service that adapts to each an every client’s needs. We also boast the adequate vehicles and qualified personnel to guarantee that our customers’ shipments arrive to their destination in perfect condition and always on time.

Parcel transport service

transporte paqueteríaNational routes

We offer parcel service throughout the Spanish peninsula, not including the Balearic and Canary islands. Our delivery services can reach any destination far and wide, thanks to the connectivity of our service and the third party transport companies we trust in when necessary.

Delivery in 24h

We carry out parcel pick-ups during the day, followed by overnight transport that ensures guaranteed next-day arrival of your package to its destination. We also coordinate our available vehicles to carry out our daily deliveries and search for alternative routes after analysing traffic and possible road congestion problems as a way to avoid any possible delays.

Merchandise on pallets and packages

We are able to transport whatever number of pallets or packages you may need be delivered. We also count on a full support staff when loads are bulky or require special handling.

Full loads and consolidation loads

Depending on the number of packages or pallets that you have to send, we can carry out their transport in full loads or in consolidation loads. In both cases, we always guarantee the delivery of your cargo in perfect condition.

Without intermediate storage

Your merchandise will only be minimally disturbed during its handling while being loaded and unloaded. This is because once collected at its place of origin, your merchandise is taken directly to our warehouse where it is to loaded onto the truck that will be used for its shipment.

Two free hours of loading and two free hours of unloading

For all shipment loads, we offer a total of 4 hours free of charge for the loading and unloading of your merchandise at no additional cost.

Staff and support machinery

Depending on the pick up or delivery location, if the packages or pallets require a crane or pallet jack for loading and unloading, we will inform you of the additional cost.

Courtesy insurance

Included in all of our services for our clients is courtesy insurance that covers your merchandise with a value equivalent to € 90,000. During processing, customers are required to provide a statement of value for the pallets or packages being shipped.

Goods and types of parcels that we transport

Palletized transport

We possess the proper vehicles needed to collect pallets at their source locations and deliver them to their destination with maximum guarantees. We work for and with industries and companies that need to make frequent shipments of palletized parcels, such as soft drink companies, the automobile industry, and more.

Parcel transport

We are able to transport all the packages you may need shipped and can adapt to all types of parcel shapes and sizes. We are proud to work for factories and industries with parcel transport needs spanning throughout the entire nation.

Parcel road transport with maximum guarantees

Transvolando offers a strong service guarantee, which means a lot coming from a leading company in the national parcel transport sector.

Honesty, commitment to our clients’ satisfaction, knowledge, and the hard work carried out by all of our professionals all work together to guarantee the best parcel service possible.

Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours.
paquetería urgente

We take responsibility for delays if we do not meet our deadlines. Our best letter of introduction would be the one written by our satisfied customers who trust in us and the services we offer. We work with the best tools in modern technology to properly manage our fleet of vehicles, search for the best alternate routes and carry out any type of handling required by the merchandise during the loading and unloading process.

If, through our fault, your merchandise does not arrive to its destination on time, we assume responsibility for the losses that you may have suffered due to any delay in your processes and/or internal supply chain.

We deliver your packages in perfect condition

Without damage or imperfections. For your peace of mind, and as an added value to our service, we insure your merchandise with a value of up to € 90,000, with no additional cost to our clients (courtesy insurance).

We are able to adapt to every type of merchandise

No size or dimensions limits for parcels or pallets. We are prepared to take on any kind of cargo, regardless of shape, weight or size. When merchandise, due to its weight and / or dimensions, requires extra handling agents and / or special load lifting equipment, we are able to offer our clients an extended service that provides integral execution and the highest security guarantees.

We track all of our shipments

We guarantee their traceability. Thanks to the connectivity provided by the information flow between our truck drivers and our headquarters representatives, we are able to obtain information in real time to ensure that your merchandise is being tracked throughout its entire journey.

Added value for the transport of your parcels

An economic and reliable service. We have the most competitive prices in the market, which include an added value that can be found in the first 2 hours of loading and the first 2 hours of unloading, which are totally free. To make this offer complete, we also insure your merchandise with a value of up to € 90,000 (with customer’s declaration of value).

Get your estimate for the transport of your cargo

If you’re in the need to transport parcels or palletized merchandise, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. In order to make an adequate assessment of the service you require and present you with the best offer available, we will ask you for the following information:

  • Total number of parcels or pallets
  • Dimensions of the packages: width x length x height
  • Total number of kilograms
  • Extra handling that may be required when loading and unloading
  • Location of collection and delivery
  • Dates on which the service must be performed


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