Transformation of transport and logistics

The inclusion of Big Data in logistics favours a more efficient management in all processes, and above all, a significant optimisation translated into profitability and an increase in the number of clients.

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The importance of tyre recycling

If we all took more care of our tyres, we would be doing our bit. It’s as easy as checking tyre pressure, alignment and not driving aggressively. This way the tyres would last us up to 20% longer and we would also save up to 5% on fuel as it is more ecological, economical and safe.

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Regulación cabotaje Parlamento Europeo

The regulation of cabotage

We explained in an earlier post what cabotage means. Today we remember it when we echo the changes that accompany the new European regulations. Even so, we will give a few brushstrokes on what it means by way of introduction.

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lámpara neumático reciclado

20 creative ideas for recycling tyres

We are going to show you 20 original ideas for the recycling of tyres so that we can give life again and give them a second chance, as well as contributing to the sustainable recycling of this product and avoiding this great ecological problem that it supposes for the planet and our ecosystem.

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transporte paletizado

Stowage, regulations and controversy in Spain

Until very recently, there was no regulation on how to secure the load on a lorry. The only reference we found was in the General Traffic Regulations (RD 1428/2003) Art14. and only mentioned observing “the load must be well fastened”.

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¿Buscas una empresas de logística en Valencia? Valencia está dando grandes pasos como sector logístico en el territorio español gracias al crecimiento del puerto de

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transporte paquetería

Black Friday y Transporte, los secretos del éxito

El Black Friday está cobrando progresivamente una mayor relevancia en España, y cada vez son más los comercios que se suman a este “viernes” de compras, y por qué no decirlo, de locura, ya que se crean verdaderas colas y colapsos en tiendas y comercios a pie de calle, a la caza de ese producto tan deseado.

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¿Qué es la logística inversa? La logística inversa tiene en cuenta todos los procesos relacionados con el producto, como su retorno, reciclaje, reutilización y eliminación

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